You may see these kitties in your pedigree if you have adopted a kitten from Keepurrs.

They are now retired and in their forever homes.



TICA Regional Winner Quad Grand Champion


Blue Mitted

Picture taken by HELMI



RW SGC Marlcreek Maverick of Keepurrs



RW SGC Keepurrs Mardi Gras



LA IW SGC Keepurrs Genesis



RW SGC Keepurrs Mick



Keepurrs Tessie




RW SGC Rags2Riches Jaxon of Keepurrs



SGC Keepurrs Zoie (Soon to be retired)



CH Keepurrs Candie



RW SGC Keepurrs Skyler



Rags2riches Luke of Keepurrs



Keepurrs Hanna Banana



Rags2riches Jake of Keepurrs



Rags2riches Star of Keepurrs



Keepurrs Hollie



Keepurrs Cameron



Soulmates Maggie of Keepurrs



QGC Rockabyerags Dakota of Keepurrs



Rockabyerags Quinn of Keepurrs



Keepurrs Demie



Soulmates Frankie of Keepurrs



Keepurrs Hank



Galaxyrags Lennie of Keepurrs



Dollchateau Spirit of Keepurrs



Keepurrs Tonie



Jake, Tonie & Hanna


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